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Water Heaters

The hot water heaters in your house are one of the most-used appliances that own. If you need water heaters installation, repair or replacement ensure that you call the friendly water heater professionals at I Got Plumbing. We provide full service for both traditional and state water heaters, our tankless water heater technicians are very trained and have years of experience.  Here at I Got Plumbing, we are dedicated to your full satisfaction and to the standard of service that we deliver. Contact us today.



What causes water heater problems?

If you smell a rotten egg coming from your unit, there is the chance that you have anaerobic bacteria in the system, which can react with the magnesium and aluminum found in the heater’s water. This will inevitably generate hydrogen sulfide gas, which outcomes in the rotten egg odor. This issue is pretty general with well systems, whether it is a private or shared well system.

Other water heater problems stem from whether or not they are electric or gas-powered. With electric water heaters, you may run out of hot water fast if the power has tripped. In some cases, the section where the chip is placed can get wet, which may also cause the top power to trip.

Tank water heaters services & repair

Traditional water heaters provide efficient and comfortable hot water for many house owners. If you need water heater installation, repair, or maintenance, call the I Got Plumbing in Aliso Viejo. If you need to change your present water heater with a new one, give us a call we will support you find a new system that matches your house’s hot water requirements and budget. If your water heater is leaking, generating colored and rust water, or not enough hot water, the I Got Plumbing water heater experts at orange county plumbers can help.

Don’t believe your electric water heater services to anyone but a trained expert. The water heater experts at I Got Plumbing can help you with any service that you need. We know how vital it is for you to stay relaxed in your house, and keeping your water heater working well is a big part of that. We are dedicated to your satisfaction with the standard of work that we do. Give us a call today to talk with one of our friendly water heater experts about any service that you might need.

Our Water Heaters start at $1650.00 Installed!


  • Disconnection of the old water heater.
  • Connection of new water heater including gas and water supply lines.
  • Installation of new gas shut-off valve and new water shut-off valve. (if necessary)
  • Earthquake straps
  • Additional costs may be required if work beyond the basic installation is necessary to bring the water heater up to city code.
  • Haul away from the existing heater at no extra charge.
  • Delivery of new Bradford White water heater.

Water heater prices are subject to change without notice.