Misting For Patio

Are misting systems worth the hype? They can easily be the best investment you ever make if you choose a brand that will give you great value for your money. A mister that can cool down a large area in the space without getting things damp is worth it because it will be effective at its job and generate a reasonable water bill. The average mister costs a decent amount, so you will not spend a fortune buying and installing a mister. Below, we dissect the different costs you can get from outdoor water misting equipment and what parts make a big difference in the value so that you can understand what influences the ultimate price.

Cost Of A Mister For The Patio

The cost of the misting system depends on a lot of different things, including the specific features that produce microscopic drops of water. Pumps with a fine mist will have a more detailed design, costing a lot more. Combining a system with high pressure, expensive tubing, and better aesthetics will cost much more than the average unit with substandard parts and processes.

An Estimate On The Real Price Of The Best Water Cooling Systems 

Some models are so inexpensive that they will cost well below $100. Systems tend to get more expensive with increasing complexity, which is why there are also $7000 units in the market.

We do not recommend that you choose the cheapest models available if you want durable and practical service because most of these will probably only cover a small portion, leave an annoying amount of residue behind, and last a short time before you have to an aggressive maintenance or repair plan. The highest valued system does not mean that it will offer you better service, so apply caution and consider individual factors to get a suitable unit at a fair price.

Generally, the best misting systems for high-quality outdoor cooling will cost about $1500 to $2000 depending on the intensity of its functions. Other considerations to note when choosing a mister or water misting accessories and parts include:

  • The taxes you will pay when buying and shipping
  • Size the system you need will have a direct influence on the price
  • Systems with fewer accessories, such as a missing tank will cost a lot less
  • A professionally installed system will push up the prices

Lowering The Price With DIY Installations

DIY installations are worth considering because they are potentially cheaper to assemble. The cost of misting for a patio is not something you should gamble on because cheap and sketchy installs will cost you peace of mind and probably a couple of extra hundred dollars.

Cool Off has distributed well-off misting systems for sale online for a couple of years now, and we pride ourselves in producing units that enhance enjoyment and provide you with a long-lasting solution. The custom systems can be designed to match the aesthetics of your home, meet specific needs and allow for a hidden and seamless installation that keeps the home’s original design. Check out the store today for more information on specific best misting system units as you make your order.

Misting For Patio

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