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Diy Patio Misting System

With access to supplies, accessories, and understanding little technicalities, you can build a DIY patio misting system. Read on to learn more. 

Patio Misting System DIY Steps

Following the right steps and using the right materials is very important in setting up the system. This will guide the entire process of setting up a DIY misting system for cooling off and minimize mistakes to the barest minimum. The steps include:

Get Your Installation Supplies

Before starting the building process, it is compulsory to, first of all, get the kit and supplies that will be needed throughout the whole process of building a DIY misting system for your greenhouse.

Some essential tools and materials include;

  • Measuring tape
  • Ladder
  • Clips
  • Shears
  • Garden hose
  • Pipe cutter
  • Clamps
  • Screwdriver
  • Irrigation filter
  • Mist lines

For the best results on your DIY outdoor patio misting system, you need to also secure an elevated post above the head level where you can mount the mist lines. A fence, tent, canopy, or roof edge can serve that purpose.

Measurements and Calculations

It is important to know the measurement of the pump, mist tubing, mist lines, the location where the system will be built. Record your measurements and calculate parameters such as length, width, height.

Mount The Mist Lines

With the use of little clips that usually come with the lines, hang the lines on an elevated post, this is important to increase pressure.

Properly screw the holes in the clips until it is a tight fit.

Couple The Pipes

A  compression fitting is needed for this stage. Merge the pipes, bending them back and forth, tighten them with a nut until there is a tight seal. This stage is important to prevent leaking. 

Mount the Third Line

After the two pipes are joined, using a ladder, take another measurement at a little distance away from the mounting spot. Clamp the mist line to the spot with a screw. To ensure that they are well secured, attach additional clamps to the upper and lower portion of the line.

Slide the second portion of the line into the compression fitting that was achieved in the previous stage and use clamps to hold it together, attach it to the elevated spot to finish the mounting process.

Install the Last Mist Line

With a 90 degree compression, tighten the last line and complete installation with the use of a blind cap. Shift the end of the most line to the third line and couple it together. Adjust the mist line to the direction you want the water droplets to go.

Connect the Pressure Pump to the Mist Lines

With the use of a UV and pressure-resistant tube, connect the lines to the pressure pump. Tighten the tubes to ensure that everything is in place before connecting the tube to the compression fittings.

Connect the Mist Nozzles

With the mist lines and pump connected, join the mist nozzles. Ensure the nozzles are pressure-resistant and can expel extremely tiny droplets of water. Turn on the water to check for leaks and mistakes, adjust the fittings until your DIY patio misting system is perfect.

The tools and supplies are one the most important factors for a perfect and easy DIY patio misting system, and we make them easily accessible.

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