Air Conditioning Repair Melbourne Fl

Air Conditioning Repair Melbourne Fl

For almost five decades, Dave Mastro Air and Heat has been the preeminent force in air conditioning repair in Melbourne, FL. In that time, we have worked with homeowners and businesses across the city to provide timely and long-lasting AC repairs.

But what makes us so unique? Aside from the expertise of our engineers, it is our dedication to saving you money. Many Melbourne air conditioning installers won't try to repair damaged ACs. Instead, they'll recommend a brand new replacement. This way, they earn more money and bleed your wallet dry. At Dave Mastro Air and Heat, however, we care about our customers. We vow to repair your AC when possible and will only recommend a replacement if there is absolutely no way of salvaging your current model.

Below, we'll be discussing scenarios in which a replacement AC may be preferable to a repair and vice-versa. Let's get started!

When To Repair

As the foremost provider of air conditioning repair in Melbourne, FL, we always work off the assumption an AC unit can be repaired. This is especially true if a model is relatively new. There is rarely a situation in which an AC that is under 10 years old must be replaced rather than repaired.

Similarly, if your AC unit has not given you any problems in the past, there is no sense in rushing to replace it. If an issue arises out of the blue, it is likely an easy fix that won't cost you too much time or money.

If you plan to move house in the near future, repair is certainly the best route to go. When your current house hits the market, your chosen real estate agent will probably take it upon themselves to replace any problematic equipment, so you won't have to feel guilty about sticking the new homeowner with an unreliable AC unit.

When To Replace

While we will always try to repair rather than to replace your AC unit, there are times when the latter is necessary. For example, we generally advise a full replacement if your air conditioning is constantly breaking down. After dropping cash on multiple repairs, it becomes more cost-effective to simply replace your unit with a newer model.

A replacement is also advised if your AC uses Freon. The United States government is making a concentrated effort to phase out Freon in favor of R-410A. As such, older AC units - which typically run on Freon - should be replaced with newer alternatives.

AC Installation Services Near Me

If you live in the Melbourne area and are in need of an AC replacement, you can always rely on Dave Mastro Air and Heat. As well as being the leading name in AC repair, we are the top AC installation company in Melbourne. If a full replacement is indeed necessary, you can trust us to give you the best service possible at the most affordable rate.

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For more information on Melbourne AC installation and repairs, contact Dave Mastro Air and Heat on (321) 777-2664.


Air Conditioning Repair Melbourne Fl
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Air Conditioning Repair Melbourne Fl
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