Plumbing Is An Integral Part of Human History and Its Future

Plumbing is an integral part of human history and its future.

Plumbing has made an extraordinary but little recognised contribution to human health, the environment and prosperity since the beginning of civilization.

Plumbing is plugged into how life works in a way that few other industries are. If decision makers, politicians, and governments finally and fully understood the importance of plumbing, then real progress could be made by our industry and the communities we live in.

In recent years, we have seen a time of increasing awareness of water and energy issues and of a collective willingness to make changes to improve efficiencies and to adopt conservation measures. This is a time for the Plumbing Industry, a time to be bolder and go much further as a global industry than we have done so far. The benefits will be, in direct proportion to the degree of change we are willing to contemplate and embrace.

When we talk about a global water crisis, we are not speculating about a hypothetical future – it’s here and now.The United Nations says that more than a billion (that’s one in six) humans are already living with severe freshwater scarcity. As nations develop their demand for water rises rapidly. Availability of fresh water is acknowledged as one of the strongest determinants of economic prosperity and hence political stability. Lack of water is, quite simply, keeping billions of human beings poor, sick, uneducated and ill-governed.


Clean water is not a luxury, safe clear drinking water and sanitation is possible in any nation, big or small, when simple, sound plumbing practices are adopted.

Population growth and urbanisation, coupled with increasing globalisation, pose some real challenges to our growing global communities in ensuring the integrity of plumbing systems. Whatever the technology, locality or culture involved – quality water supply and sanitation are constant fundamentals of a healthy human society in both the built and natural environments. Technology may change, and cultures may evolve, but this fact of life will not.

Everyone needs and deserves fresh water!

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