Instant Hot Water Heater Myth? Or Reality?


Instant Hot Water Heater? Myth or Reality?


Posted on October 28, 2013 by noritz
Tankless technology saves energy by heating water on-demand, when you need it. However, is there such a thing as “instant” hot water? Let’s explore.

It’s a cold winter morning. Half asleep, you stumble to the bathroom and turn on the water for the shower. And you wait. And wait. And it’s still cold. And so are you. Have you experienced that? If you blamed the plumbing in your old house, you’re not quite right. Even the newest of homes, regardless of water heating technology, can encounter this issue.

So is there such a thing as an instant hot water heater?

The answer is yes, but it also depends on your definition of “instant”. Instant hot water may be confused with having hot water on demand, which is technically different.

Defining On Demand

On demand hot water means just that: the water is heated whenever there’s a demand for it. A tankless water heater starts the heating process just after you turn on the faucet.

Not only is Tankless technology more energy efficient than tank technology, it also never runs out! Tankless is more efficient because it only uses gas when you actually need hot water, instead of continuously heating water 24/7, when you’re at work or asleep.

Instant Expectations

As mentioned above, tankless water heaters start heating water shortly after you turn on the faucet. Although the process starts the instant after you turn on the faucet, take note that there is no heater in existence, tankless or otherwise, that guarantees the first drop out of the faucet is steaming hot. That’s the reality. Also, the closer the hot water source is to the fixture, the faster the hot water will reach you.

Recirculation systems widely available on the market can also reduce your wait time. Traditional recirculation systems as well as point-of-use systems can be a good option in new construction or retrofit applications. Contact us at 1.800.410.3057 to discuss what might work best for your situation.

For over 5 decades, Noritz has specialized in manufacturing and improving on demand tankless technology. For more information on how to get on demand, continuous hot water, drop us a line on our contact us page.


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